When The U.S. Congress Votes Against a Law Banning Infanticide Has The Church Lost It’s Influence?

And Then Messiah Shall Come

When babies are slaughtered and animals protected has the church lost her influence? If it has, should that come as a surprise? What is the role of the Christian in this modern post-Biblical world? Ellen and I attend a Bible believing church. We found it after visiting many. This one preaches a biblical based message in our area; and yet sad to say there is no message regarding our countries demise into the quicksand of immorality which has been occurring on a regular basis in our time. Why is this?

If Bible believing/Teaching pastors are becoming restrained in their use of God’s stand on morality in the Americas, the land of the free; then we cannot be far away from losing this freedom to stand for what is right in God’s creation. And it now appears after having delayed the uniting of our objections so long, that if we do…

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