What I Am Missing From Church

As I try to figure out what I am missing from church, for many years I thought I went to a Hell fire and Brimstone preaching church as a child. I thought maybe that what was what I was seeking now that I am saved as an older adult.
I have sought the Lord on this to find if maybe I was just wrong on what I thought I wanted in a preacher in the pulpit.
I think the Lord has finally answered my question. I think it has come in this time of quarantine. I, as a Christian, believe in Hell. I believe there is an unquenchable fire in Hell and people are going there even though it was not created for people.
I believe the Lord has shown me that there are not enough preachers teaching about sin and Hell, but at the same time that is not all their ministry needs to be about. We need to talk about sin and that there is a literal place called Hell. We also need to talk about that the Lord forgives those that repent of their sins.
I want a passionate preacher. It seems there were so many yelling preachers in the past, some passionate—some maybe not so much, just preaching fear.
It was a passionate preacher that as a child I was afraid but Grams would just pat my leg and say it’s ok. Grams understood that he was a preacher on fire for the Lord, even though in my childish mind I didn’t understand. He made people feel guilty that were living in a sinful way. See people that want to continue in sin don’t want a preacher that preaches on it. Just like the Pharisees!
Jesus taught on Hell. Jesus taught on sin. Jesus taught He is the only way. Jesus healed. No matter what Jesus did whether healing, whether teaching His disciples Jesus’ message was go and sin no more.
We need preachers that are on fire for the Lord and willing to preach as the Prophets of the Old Testament. Whether it be sin in people’s lives or whether it be forgiveness. I know that when the Spirit of the Lord speaks to me I have this uncontrollable excitement within me. Maybe those yelling preachers weren’t meaning to yell, maybe they had that uncontrollable excitement standing in that pulpit.
If you want to be a preacher just the opposite of a Hell fire and brimstone preacher maybe you are going too far the other way. If you want to be only a Hell fire and brimstone preacher then you’re not following what Jesus did neither.
I know for sure that most ministers that I have been hearing are leading congregations that are lukewarm. They only preach on a few verses from the bible and J Vernon McGee is correct, maybe only ¼ books of the bible at that.
If there is no fire (fire for the Lord not Hell type fire) coming from the pulpit then the congregation will only be lukewarm.
If I am in some sin then I need that preacher to teach me what the sin is. He does not need to call me out by name, the Lord Himself will do that but that is what He put that man in the pulpit for. Not to raise a Laodicea type church where we ok everything.
We do not go to Hell for every little sin, but here is the key, you keep sinning the same sin and grieving the Holy Spirit eventually He will stop convicting you of that sin. You do that too many times and you will quench the Spirit of the Lord then you are not going to heaven. You can not get resaved. There is no such thing as getting resaved. If you are truly saved and quench the Spirit that’s it. Now, if the Spirit convicts you of a sin and you repent of that sin, even if it’s the same sin many times and you repent of that sin until you get it out of your life then you are not quenching the Spirit, you are listening to Him. That is what He is indwelling you for.
We need to have an understanding of some of this. It is not once you are saved you can live anyway you want to and you get to go to heaven. It is not every little sin and you lose your salvation. It is if I continue to live in a sin that the Spirit of the Lord has convicted me of and I refuse to repent of that sin and join more sin to it and refuse to repent then I am living apart from what the Lord is telling me my life should be. If when the Spirit of the Lord convicts me of sin in my life and I repent with a broken heart that I sinned against my Lord then I am forgiven and salvation is given to me. What part of Jesus’ words of ‘Go and sin no more’ can I not comprend?

CNN Article posted 2018!!

Flu season deaths top 80,000 last year, CDC says
By Susan Scutti, CNN
Updated 12:45 PM ET, Thu September 27, 2018

• Flu caused an estimated 80,000 deaths last fall and winter
• The 2017-18 season ranks as the deadliest in more than four decades
• Record 900,000 flu hospitalizations last year
(CNN)An estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu and its complications last winter, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means it was the deadliest season in more than four decades — since 1976, the date of the first published paper reporting total seasonal flu deaths, said CDC Spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund.
In previous seasons, flu-related deaths have ranged from a low of about 12,000 during the 2011-2012 season to a high of about 56,000 during the 2012-2013.

This is also from 2017:

World Health Organization total death counts by country. Final Deaths: 2017. Select country from list on the right to enter it into grid. Click to add and remove. Inside grid clink on link below Flag to rank total deaths..
Coronary Heart Disease 1 8,727,670
Stroke 2 6,221,072
Influenza and Pneumonia 3 3,177,204
Lung Disease 4 3,162,054
Lung Cancers 5 1,683,893
Diabetes Mellitus 6 1,570,100
Alzheimers/Dementia 7 1,533,855
Diarrhoeal diseases 8 1,388,418
Tuberculosis 9 1,372,855
Road Traffic Accidents 10 1,339,206
Liver Disease 11 1,154,240
Kidney Disease 12 1,121,214

There are sooo many things wrong with this picture. People will panic if they attach the word pandemic. 2017-2018 flu season was worse if not the same as this year. Where was the Pandemic then? 

Fear vs CoVid-19

As I think of the fear of people during this CoVid-19 virus, I am brought back to scripture many times.

I love the Lord God with all my mind, body and soul. I am not fearful of this. I know that He is truly in control. 

I think of the sin of America and the sin of the World. We callously kill babies under the idea that they aren’t a person until they are viable. We then even change that and allow abortion until the day of birth.

Do you get this? We allow a baby to be born and then leave it to die! In a room, closet, whatever to die alone. How many are dying in a hospital room alone? How many are dying at home alone?

People do not want to hear that the Lord judges us for our sin. They want happy church, sin has no consequences, and God will let everyone into heaven.

We allow states to pass that we can kill people who are old and no longer provide to society. Many of these people are our wisdom.

We have preachers who stand in the pulpits, Sunday after Sunday, and are too afraid of losing their congregations, to preach on Revelation. We are not in Revelation yet. Wake up, Church. This is a warning from the Lord God.

 I have no fear of this virus. If my Lord wants me to have it, I will get it. I am not advocating to not do what your state officials are asking you to do. Stay in. Don’t go out unless you have. 

Use this time to study the Word of God. Use this time to draw closer into a relationship with Him. 

Get off Facebook and put your face in His book. 

We are too busy and the Lord has taken a back burner to all our activities. Even church, where He is to be proclaimed and worshiped. We busy our lives with every activity known to man and avoid that quiet time we need with Him. 

Soooo….. I have no fear, but I will use this time to draw closer to my Lord and Savior!

I will beg His forgiveness for not standing up for Him. I will beg His forgiveness for not talking to Him the way I should. I will beg His forgiveness for not stopping long enough to listen for His voice. I will beg His forgiveness for not worshipping Him and recognizing His Holiness. How many other things do I need to beg His forgiveness for?

That’s probably one of the things I need to ask Him. We run, go, eat, talk, allow, we say God bless you, but in reality are we really saying that or our we saying god bless you? You say what’s the difference? God is a holy God. His name is so holy that we should use it out of reverence for Him. We don’t!! We throw it around like a common word.

So many people say OMG, or Jesus Christ. OMG is OH MY GOD. Are you calling on the name of the Lord at that moment? No, you have turned His name into a common place. 

How can the Lord God call you to repentance for these things if we don’t stop to listen?

Take time for Him today. Listen to what He wants to tell you. Be as Moses was. Lord God let me see Your Glory. I promise if you truly ask Him, and He shows you, you will not be able to use His name in the same context.

We need a Moses, and a David, a Samuel, and a Daniel to stand up right now. Hey, Don’t forget Ruth and Rahab. 

What about a Jonah? Hey, let’s settle just for being Nineveh. Can we repent today for our sins? 1 Week until Passover, Easter, let’s forget the Easter bunny, let’s think on what our Savior did for the entire week. Not just the cross. He prayed three times. He was repeatedly tried. He was repeatedly hit and beaten. He sweated blood for you. He was beaten for you. He was humiliated for you. He was nailed to a cross for you!

Stop Arguing over the Tribulation!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please stop arguing over when the Tribulation occurs. Allow believers their own opinion on this issue. 

There are millions of people out there dying with out knowing Our Lord and Savior. Those people are going to hell, and we want to argue over when the rapture will take place.

We need to care more for those souls then we care when the rapture will take place or who believes when it will happen.

This is not a salvation issue!!!!!

When we argue it looks like hate for one another in the world. John said in John 13:34-36 34A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so also you must love one another. 35By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.” 36“Lord, where are You going?” Simon Peter asked. Jesus answered, “Where I am going, you cannot follow Me now, but you will follow later.”…

How much did Jesus love His disciples? He very gently led them. He corrected them, but ever so gently.

Do you remember John being one of Sons of Thunder? Yet his gospel is based on love. John changed because he listened to The Lord.

Let’s have articles on Salvation not rapture timing.

We can agree to disagree on this. It’s ok. When it takes place if you are a believer in the Lord and what He did on the cross for your sins, your going.

I read those who believe differently than I do. I know that when the Lord returns I will be one of those believers that is caught up in the air with Him.

We have too much division between us instead of focusing on the important things.

Here is a word for you, The quote is from his sermon on Jeremiah 4:20 (sermon #349) delivered on 9 Dec 1860:

Oh my brothers and sisters in Christ, if sinners will be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our bodies and if they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay, and not madly to destroy themselves. If hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for.     Charles Spurgeon

These words from Charles Spurgeon were originally preached to Christian. 

Let these words sink in.


A concerned fellow Christian

Speeded Up :: By Daymond Duck Published on: March 29, 2020 by RRadmin7 Category:Daymond Duck, General Articles

Please go to this site and read this in it’s entirety:

Speeded Up :: By Daymond Duck

I pray that I am wrong, but I am concerned that some will go back to Church for one or two Sundays when the Coronavirus is over (like what happened after 9/11), quickly become lukewarm and not be ready when the trumpet sounds.

Nine, there will be hyper-inflation and a global economic collapse during the Tribulation Period (Rev. 6:5-6).
If millions of citizens are required to stay in their houses for several months, it is difficult for me to see how that wouldn’t create hyper-inflation and a global economic collapse.



Surviving CoVid-19

I am not going to pretend to have all the answers to everyone’s questions. I don’t.

These are the answers that I have. I have hope. A person can live with many things and many problems. A person can not live 1 minute without hope. 

When suicide is rampant. Murder is overwhelming. People are living to buy, buy, buy. 

I may or may not get CoVid-19. I honestly can not tell you. I am not a prophet, I can not see the future in any way. 

This is the difference in the panic that I see around me and the what I feel inside. It is usually describe as a gut feeling. If I get this virus and I die, I know that I am going to heaven. I know that my soul is saved. If I live even though I get the virus or do not get this virus, I know that the Lord left me here to teach the gospel a little longer.

You do not get to heaven by being a good person. God will not see fit to let you into His heaven. There is only one way to get there. 

1. You must recognize that you are a sinner. I know that is the hardest thing to do. Have you ever stolen anything? Even something as small a pen? Have you ever told a lie? Even a small one? Have you ever looked with lust after a man or woman? If so then you have already committed adultery or fornicated. 

You are either a thief, liar, and or an adulterer, or possibly all of the above. 

2. You must repent of your sins. This means to be sorrowful that you have sinned against God and others. That you must decide in your heart to try not to do these things again.

3. You must ask the Lord to forgive you for these sins. 

4. You must understand that Jesus died on the cross for all of yours sins. That when you repent those sins are washed away in the sea of forgetfullness. No matter how bad you have been or how good you have been.

5. I am not going to give you a long prayer to pray. This is all you need to know how to do at this point. Say ‘ Lord forgive me for being a sinner. Lord save me!’

6. If you own a bible read it everyday. Even if it’s 1 minute or 5 minutes. Just start reading everyday. *At first things will be difficult to understand. This will get easier. Please do not get hung up on trying to pronounce names and get frustrated. This will only make things more difficult. You do the best that you can then move on.

Find a fellow Christian, someone who truly looks as though they live differently from other. Ask that person to baptize you. Now they may tell you that they are not a preacher or that they are not qualified to baptize people, I assure you that isn’t true, but they will lead you to someone who can.

Now for the most important step (in my belief). Find a church. This is to be a church that has Sunday school Classes that you can ask questions. You may not be ready to, that’s ok. Once you get comfortable, you will want to ask questions. If the preacher doesn’t teach from the bible then keep looking. You probably know someone who attends church ask them where you can go. Do not worry too much about other members. We too are sinners saved by grace. We do not live perfect lives. Some people are not even saved. Do not let this dicourage you.

Love the Lord God with all your heart. Love that Jesus died for your sins. Love the God that Loved you so much that He was willing to die for you to reconsilled to Himself.

Now how do I plan to survive the CoVid-19 outbreak. Whether I die or live I will survive because I am saved. I will go to heaven where there are no viruses of any kind. Where I will be able to walk streets of Gold. If I live then I obviously made it through this. I have no fear either way. 

With all the layoffs and people not being able to work, if you can’t get a bible right now. Let me know. I will send you free of charge. I have bibles that I specifically buy just for giving to others. I do not have CoVid-19 at this point, but all bibles will be handled with gloves so as to make sure there is no spread, just in case of exposure. 

God bless you. I do not need to know if you made a prayer of faith through this blog. It would be nice to know if it helps you in anyway. 

Questions or comments are welcome!!!

Are You Paying Attention to the Signs? Sons of Issachar

If you’re a student of Bible Prophecy in the world today you can clearly discern the times we are living in, but most of the church has no clue about the times and seasons that God so clearly laid out for us in His Word. I want to bring our attention to the rebuke Jesus gave to those around Him who were not paying attention to the times during His first coming:


If Ever There Was a Time To Totally Lean On and Trust the Lord – IT IS NOW

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

We should ALWAYS lean on our God.  But we are still in this flesh, so anxiety does creep in during times like this.

Brethren, God is not surprised by this global pandemic. He knew that this would happen before the foundations of the earth were laid.  

We should be praying without ceasing.  When I pray, I pray all day long – talking to God. Remember what He told us about the fancy prayers of the Pharisees!  Just talk to Him. He loves when His people come to Him in prayer.

We were warned by Jesus that these type of things would happen:

2 Timothy 3King James Version (KJV)

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers…

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The Power of Prayer — Passion Vs Ritual. National Day of Prayer

Thanks! God bless you Brother.

And Then Messiah Shall Come

Our President has called for prayer Tomorrow. Some are saying we need prayer to extinguish the impact of the Coronavirus.

Recently our Friend on WordPress, Brian Troxel, posted a quote by E.M.Bounds on prayer. The quote was about the passion or fire that fuels the walk of a believers prayer life.

This quote caused me to take inventory, and to think back. As a believer one knows when the fuel gauge for fervency is full in our prayer life, and just as he knows when it’s full he also knows when it’s running near empty. But the danger that exists for us is running near empty on fuel when it is most needed.

Tragedy strikes your family and you are out in no man’s land far from God and you can barely strike a flame. I was reminded of those times in my life, but I was also reminded of…

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